Thursday, April 19, 2007

With up so floating many bells down

Here I am and I am here.

Today in lab absolutely sucked. Or, more accurately, it blew (we were doing flash involves blowing). My samples would not separate, the entire lab smelled of ethyl acetate, and I had to spend an hour finding the right proportions of components in my eluting solvent.


Awkwardness with a friend in terms of how friendly I should act when I feel very unfriendly.

Had dinner with Marissa, and am probably going to the library with her later's nice to hang out with her.

Talked with Jeremy some more--I'm feeling less and less like I'll be totally alone among strangers in Costa Rica, although he seems to know a lot more about research than I be expected, as he's done more of it than I have. I'm hugely frustrated so far, and am stressing out about the likelihood of getting good data. What I should really do is go talk with Jed, the amazing I-think-of-everything-correctly guru. He's probably the most amazing researcher I'll ever have contact with, and I should really make more of the opportunity. I will be next semester.

I'm missing my words this semester, and will continue to do so for another's so hard to just not sign up for all the courses I'll need to finish the English major next semester, and then graduate a semester early. Get outta here.

This is mainly apologies....

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