Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fourth in a series of catch-ups

La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
June 14, 2007, evening

I did not stoke the fire last night
And woke up feeling not-quite-right
It had gone out—the room was cold
But I was good and did not scold.
For breakfast I had watermelon
And milk and cookies that were good-smellin’.
Then I finished packing up
And helped load bags into the truck.
Yesterday Doug said, “Mouse group walks
To the top of the mountain—no backtalk!
The lizard group has work to do
So we’ll take a car and catch up with you.”
But this morning we got out of our bind
Because Ricardo was feeling kind
He drove us right up to the gate
Where us and bus just had to wait
For the lizard group in their vehicle
But they came up without a wheelicle!
It turned out Doug made them walk instead
“Teehee, Teehee,” was all I said.
Then we drove up to the road
Where Carlos and bags waited to unload
And reloaded bags into the bus
With much muttering and fuss.
Carlos hugged me, kissed my check
Said “please return,”…I couldn’t speak,
Because I forgot my espanol,
So I nodded and said “I will”.
We went off like a herd of turtles
All so sleepy from bounding hurdles
In the form of altitude, hikes, and goodbyes
(There were very few dry eyes).
The bus was slow and lunch was late
And people were crabby and the food wasn’t great
At the truckstop, but lucky again for me
I got rice, avocado, tomatoes, and cheese!
So much better than the meat dishes
Which all (to me) looked quite suspicious.
And then we bounded off again
Through traffic, tunnels, rain, and wind.
Frank and I, we shared a seat
Airconditioned, away from the head
And we both fought to stay awake
But neither won—sleep us did take
To strange dreams, and to headaches
To stiffer necks and drool lakes
But we made it to La Selva, at end
With 90% humidity and sunlight to lend.
It’s beautiful, and parrots fly overhead
Unaware that their species could be dead
Sooner than we think or wish or hope
But it’s too lovely for that mope.
We a nice dinner passed-ed
And laughed and joked and un-fasted
Javez made all of us grin
By whispering and dropping his chin
“This place, dude, everyone’s so white!
I feel like I gotta beat ‘em up to make it right!”
Sammie, she felt the same way
And we were the only brown ones there today
Except a few.
Maybe five—or two.
We then had a meeting
Before Doug got to the rule-reading
I said, “I have an announcement
Everyone listen, it’s im-por-tant!
Anden (an REU kid I know)
Has asked us who would like to go
Canopying on a zip-zip line
Zooming through the trees—how divine!
What’s more, they want to go that way
On the afternoon of our off-day
The morning of which we’re white-water rafting
And the afternoon could be flying and laughing.”
(Somehow I’m in charge of finding
Seven NAPIRI people to agree to a binding
Agreement to round out twenty,
Because for a discount, that’s plenty
But only just barely
(19 isn’t fair, y’see).).
Tracy and Melissa did their laundry
With mine, and I just turned the dryer ondry
Jeremy wants to come and talk...

…(insert 45 minute conversation with Jeremy…somehow, afterwards, I am not in the mood to continue the Dr. Seuss poem)…

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