Sunday, June 17, 2007

Third in a series of catch-ups

June 13, 2007

I woke up at 5:30 today (June 13), and was warm and cozy, because someone left an extra blanket in the lab last night. I didn’t even have to stoke the fire in the night. When I woke up, I thought that my leg was a lot better, but I decided after the hike that it was not the case. We ate breakfast early, but still didn’t leave until 7am. This time, Leo went with us up up up the mountain (I walked with him, and nearly died--again). My leg hurt a lot and at one point, I had to stop and lean on a tree and just cry because I was frustrated and sad and in pain, and, of course, lonely. That tends to come out more when other stressors unite.

I ended up making it ok to the trap site, and we then collected the traps—we got 9 mice in all. Thank God there weren’t more, because we all got pretty chilly up there measuring and combing and stuff. I got to be the data recorder. Erin came with us today, but she didn’t bring a sweater, so Maria gave her hers, and then Maria was cold, so I gave her my raincoat, but then I started to get cold…so I just toughed it out, because I didn’t want to make Maria be really cold. Better to distribute it evenly, I guess.

I’m starting to feel like a little bit of a mommy for this group, because I’m the one who has aloe, and sunscreen, and I’m the one who seems to have the most hiking sense of all the students except Shawn. I kind of like the feeling of helping to take care of people. Of course, I wish that more of them would take more care of me…but I think I am learning how to keep a little bit of a balance. This NAPIRE program has definitely made me way more laid back about life. Since it’s started, I’ve only been extremely frustrated to the point of near-snapping at someone once, and only a couple times have I been sharp with Doug when I thought he was being an ass and he thought he was being funny.

So, we got back in time for lunch, and my leg hurt the most. I’m really worried about it, but at least there will be a couple days where we won’t be doing much hiking…except for tomorrow. Doug decided that my group (which already has done about 2x as much hiking as his “we can’t start early cuz we’re too tired to walk 100 yards” group) would start walking up the road at 7am tomorrow, and that the rest of them would get a ride at 8am to meet us. Lunch was good…it was Carlos’ trout, and because I couldn’t eat it, the nice ladies made me eggs instead. After lunch, I slept on the floor of lab next to the fire until it was time to count the parasites we got off the mice. Pee-yewie…breathing alcohol fumes. Jeremy, Shawn, Faiane and I did most of the analysis thinking and work (which was dumb, because Marcela basically said “ok, pretend you care about the data and go find interesting things in it” which was almost impossible in the first part because there are only 9 datapoints, and for the second part, it was almost all redundant.)

But we prevailed, and had a pink and blue real basic presentation by dinnertime, and we gave it and it didn’t suck too much. Then Doug talked about networks, which was interesting, and then everyone else had s’mores, and Frank sang some social dance songs with his drum, and I went to go pack, since I hate packing in the mornings. I feel like I have fleas. Then I came downstairs and hung out with Carlos and for a while we just sat there (there were other people too) and it was awkward, because I was pretty much too tired to try to speak Spanish, and he’s a person who tends to give you space and not talk a lot unless there’s kind of an established conversation. But then we started talking about all kinds of things, and he said he likes to learn about homeopathy, massage, and reiki…of all things! That was a surprise. He says he goes to San Jose to take meditation classes, and a lot of people come here for him to lead meditations. It’s totally not what I would expect. I asked him to come visit us at Las Cruces, and he said he wouldn’t, but that I could come back and visit. I told him I really wanted to, but that I didn’t know when I could because I wanted to go visit mi novia (It means, ‘my girlfriend’) in Africa. And then I explained what the Peace Corps is (en espanol). He didn’t have any kind of violently eww reaction to my use of the "girlfriend" and he also didn’t correct me. And he just said that it sounded nice, and so I think he’s not a jerkoff Catholic redneck, the way I was a little worried that he might be (sort of the Catholic part…he’s not a redneck because he’s a revolutionary conservationist). And that makes me happy.

I’m still worried about him possibly being sketchy…I’m getting a little bit the same vibe that I got recently from someone else…but not the sketchy so much as the extremely interested in knowing about me. I don’t understand why some people have that reaction, and I’d really like to get rid of it, because it would be much nicer if people didn’t seem to think I was Something Special. Honstly, I don’t really see why it’s so much different than everyone else. I mean, hell, I FEEL different than I think everyone else does, but that’s just the definition of the personal fable, and that’s nothing to base any kind of theory on.

So, then he went to bed, and we hung out a little more…I wrote a short note in the guestbook, thanking him…I drew a hummingbird and a fuschia flower too.

Today in the forest Javier was really cute with the dog, whose name is Muneco (there’s a tilda ~ over the n, but I am too lazy to insert it. It’s pronounced Moon-yecko and it means ‘doll’). The dog loves him, and he played with it, and talked to it, and also made faces at it to make it not chase the mice we were trying to measure. He also (Javier and Muneco too, come to think of it) spent a lot of time sleeping in the roots of a tree.

I’m incredibly tired. I can’t believe it’s only June 13. It feels like it should be July 4 or something…this is so intensive…it’s like we are ALWAYS busy. Or if we’re not, we’re always recovering from the busyness. Word thinks that busyness is a word. Dumb old ‘puter.

Let’s see…Melissa showed off for Ricardo (one of the people who lives here) by doing Kung Fu, and we all kinda hung out speaking pidgin Spanish with Ricardo for a while…then I came out here and started my writing. This is a little short because I wasn’t very enthralled with today, and I’m both sad and happy to leave Carlos and Cuerici behind.

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