Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Catsup IV

So...the day after that (6/20, I believe), we took the same boats and the same bumpy bus ride but this time we went to a place where we had a killer long hike to a good swimming river. Carlos said there was very little hiking involved, but he lied. So nobody participated in the soccer game he'd tried to arrange for us. I felt pretty bad about that, but also pretty annoyed.

The truck that rescued us from part of the hike looked like it was pretty much held together with bailing twine. Which is funny. But to get up some of the hills, we really had to build up speed...very exciting. I was glad I was riding somewhere that would allow me to bail if I had to...fall out of enough tractors, and you always look for that possibility, I guess.

One lovely thing that happened was that a veritable tornado (maybe 20) bright yellow butterflies came and swarmed around me for a few minutes. It was...amazing, and sort But don't worry--I still managed to be crabby.

Javier, Frank, and some other great people jumped out of trees into the river. It really was a great swimming hole.

After that, we came back to where we were staying, and had a meeting with Carlos telling us about his organization. Then we had a test to see what Bribri trivia we'd managed to remember...I was one of the top three scorers (not my fault), and so I won an embarrassing number of prizes--three CDs and 3 books. I gave two of the books to Sammie because she really...will use them much more than I will. The third book is in Spanish, and I'll offer it to Rodo for the Las Cruces library. The CDs I'm keeping, though.

After that...well....nothing really happened.

The next day, I felt kinda icky. We were on our way back to San we made it, and some of us went downtown. I was looking for a nice hammock (didn't find one, but I'll keep looking)...I rescued Carol from a pickpocket, though. That was exciting. We were walking along, and Carol is this really white-haired lady who looks like she's a little I was walking slightly behind her to keep an eye on her bag. It seemed a little ridiculous to me, but I felt dumb not doing it because I felt silly. So this macho looking guy in sunglasses began walking right in front of her (non-crowded sidewalk), and then he drastically slowed down, while this girl that had been walking with him put out her hands and grabbed Carol's bag. I grabbed her arms and threw them off and put my body between Carol and her...I may have just scared the crap out of an honest mistake, but there was a LOT of room on that sidewalk, and there was no reason for them to surround us like that. Any case, she bought me (Carol, not the pickpocket) an ice cream to thank me. We went all around the covered market, and I bought way too many mamones.

Then we went back to meet the Eiflers at the Gold museum. While I was waiting outside (Carol went in to see the gift shop), eating mamones, a girl with bright red hair (natural) walked by and looked funny at my bag of mamones. So I asked her if she wanted to try one...and she did, so we sat together on the bench and ate mamones and talked about her study abroad in Columbia and my NAPIRE. I don't remember her name, but she was pretty neat.

It rained on us while we walked back. We went to dinner at a place that had HORRIBLE (ZOMG) pesto....and then people went "out". I didn't go out because I was starting to feel ill...partly because of the pesto, and partly just eww.

So I stayed behind and within a few hours I was very, very sick. I ended up spending the night alone, because one of my roommates fell asleep with her key, and the other one didn't want to wake me up. Just as well, because the toilet and I made good friends--people, I was SICK.

The next day (6/22), people went to some reservation or something, and I stayed in bed trying to keep tylenol in and moaning and wishing that someone was there. And sleeping. Maria took really good care of me, actually. Kudos and thanks to her...she was great. They were doing construction exactly through the wall, I got to experience the Zen of sleeping through pounding on the wall next to me and chainsaws etc....

The next day (6/23), I could walk. Barely. And we...brought the bus back to Las Cruces. Pretty uneventful. I got good Karma by carrying Carol's bag full of (rocks? Jeez, it was HEAVY!!!!!!) and then by switching rooms with Charlene so that she could be with Melissa and Tracy and I could be with Tanika and Sammie. Which has been turning out better than I expected.

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