Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Incompetence Club

The club is having a meeting over to my left. That'd be the admin for this program.

Melissa (bless her heart) got pretty in-your-face to Doug today about the fact that his kid is playing computer games all day. Instead of confronting the issue, he said he "wasn't aware of specific policy yet". That is to say, he's not going to try to find out about it. Interestingly, most people started taking the side *against* her, although she's really got a point. If we're not allowed to use Skype, then why is he allowed to play games? Honestly, I don't know why they don't just firewall sites like "addictinggames.com" and "slinkycity.com" etc. Not That Hard. Steerike one.

Allegedly, yesterday at the doctor's, the doctor offered to tell him the details of scabies, but he asserted that he knew about it. And now he has no information to offer us regarding any of the details of treatment (is it fumigation or immunity-conferring?). Just that NAPIRE will pay for the pills, since it's an epidemic. Steerike two!

Tracy and Melissa and I also approached them about communication in general--for example, nobody got told that Sammie was leaving until after she left. Some people knew (like me), and some people got told (like Jeremy, who seems to be enchanted by her inaccessibility--myself, I consider it merely wonder at the incomprehensible)...but most people had no idea that she was gone until she'd left. Then, Melissa started talking about how nobody'd been really informed about scabies ("You guys just said 'one, or two, or maybe six people might have scabies. You should all take medicine'"), Doug said "Well that was all the information I had--would you rather that I had waited until I had all the information?" (see strike 2 above) She said no, but it *would* be nice to have it taken seriously. And then she said "and we just have really bad communication in general...like, nobody knows what's going on." And THEN he said (in his I'm-a-snob-and-you-are-dumb/unreasonable voice) "Can you give me examples?" Scabies. Sammie leaving.

And Marcela tried to say that it was because of the short notice for Sammie leaving (and other people leaving, too...as they have, throughout the summer)...and then I said that they'd manage to call meetings with about 6 hours notice, so 24 or 36 hours notice shouldn't be a problem...and so they got on their high horses about how "calling a meeting like that really inconveniences everyone". Strikes 3-6 right there.

Send those suckers outta here. Incompetence.

Every now and again at Cornell, I get to the point in a course where in order to stay on the civil side of a screaming, swearing fit (during class), I fantasize about exactly how vitriolic my Course Evaluation will be. I think about phrases like "total ineptitude" "lack of preparation" "unwilling to help students or become interested in their work" and "inability to communicate clearly". I think of words like "incompetence" "uninspiring" and "unprofessional". And then I try to think of meaner ones...It's gone beyond "Do not talk to, around, or about ___".

This is war.

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Ariel said...

Yeesh. There were a couple scabies cases around Ris. Something about Kolb's bed being infested.

The treatment is basically fumigation. They're itty bitty skin mites, and the treatment is to basically poison them. There's both topical creams and also a pill that causes you to excrete something they don't like.