Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It is really, really cold in the tropics, did you know that?

It's really cold. That's me at Cuerici.

That is me at Las Cruces...this afternoon. And yes, that's a fleece hat and scarf you see me wearing. And I'm wearing jeans and socks and a sweatshirt, and sitting under a warm computer and three blankets. 2400m at Cuerici. 1200m at Las Cruces...what's wrong with this picture (these pictures)?

So, for comparison, that is me at La Selva...completely soaked from the humidity and the temperature.

And just for fun, this is where I slept at Cuerici. I was the only one who wanted to sleep on boards instead of a bed, even though boards meant a personal fireplace that four people could sit in (if there were no fire. I also, consequently, got my own room--the lab. But you can go read about it in the actual entry if you want more detail than this.

Tonight there was a wonderful one man and his son. Allegedly, I'll write more about it later, but I've gotten pretty bad about blog updates, so we'll see.

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