Monday, September 3, 2007

As long as I'm procrastinating...


So, since I last wrote, I have:

*spent a couple weeks seeing my family in Grand Junction, Colorado. We went hiking, and made a scarecrow, and talked about my heritage, and had a Game Night (Apples to Apples!!!), saw a cool Goodwill store, read good books, and watched a lot of movies.

*flew hectically back to school and moved in (have a roommate named Sara this year--more on her later).

*started classes:

Honors Physical Chemistry (4 credits)
Honors Experimental Chemistry II (4 credits)
Calculus III (4 credits)
Shakespeare in Europe (4 credits)

*made a bunch of peace leather and other dried fruit to send to Africa
*nb also bought a food dehydrator!!!!

*had a huge long house-cleaning day about a week ago (oof)

*have decided I LOVE my housemates (even the crabby ones...of which there are about 1.5, and the aloof ones, of which there are about 3--there is some overlap between those categories)

*have considered rushing AXE (professional Chem frat) just to have the resume connection with possible grad school and employers (yes, I know...shallow)

*have been reunited with my snake, who has grown a LOT

*have wanted to shoot many people in the face with a squirt gun

*have lined up my recommenders for my Peace Corps Application, and nearly finished the first part of said application.

*have become increasingly frantic about work

The commentary on those bullets:

*Sara--very nice person who has a great sense of humor. She is a devout Roman Catholic, the only two downsides to that are that (a) I'm reasonably sure that she is anti-gay-rights (i.e. gay marriage) and (b) she really wants the Lesbians (Google "Tanya Chalkin Kiss Poster") poster to not be on the wall. (b) is ok--Carol has it for the year. (a) makes it a bit awkward, but she is way smarter than some of the people I had to be in close quarters with over the summer--and she is so good-natured that unless I think directly about this issue, it usually doesn't bug me that much.

*Classes--Pchem is HARD and the professor is AWESOME (she is a role model of mine). Chem Lab is AWESOME because the professor is amazing and the material is cool and nonabstract, mostly. And he has managed to teach us more E&M than Fulbright ever did in Physics. Yeah, what now, jerk? English is incredibly retarded--mostly, I try not to say that about things, because I think it is silly and unimaginative (but not discriminatory; "retarded" means literally slower and underdeveloped...which this class is to excess), but in this's so retarded that sometimes I nearly cry. I may have to switch out of the class. If I can find a better one at an ok time. Math is frustrating because the professor talks about everything but the concepts. Everything. Or else he says things like "a shopping cart is a vector"....I bet he knows how a raven is like a writing desk, too. Today I asked him if he'd mind doing more examples, and he said he'd think about it, but that he didn't enjoy that "teaching method" as much. As much as .... not teaching? The other thing he does is assigns really stupid "optional" assignments every weekend. "Measure something five ways" or "Find a thing that has linear data". It's almost enough to make me opt for TWO more semesters of math just to get into a class taught in a competent way. I guess I'm just spoiled, having had Matt last semester. Go Matt.

*No, literally over 20sq feet of fruit leather. And over 16sq ft of other dried fruit. And the food dehydrator rocks.

*Housecleaning day: 9-5:30 with a 15 min lunch break. Nuff said, cuz...just, ouch. But when was the last time you know of that 20 college students got up on a Saturday and cleaned all day because they on some level wanted to? Ok, now answer that when the place they're living is actually not *that* dirty, by college student standards.

*Not writing about housemates, except that they are wonderful people to live with. Senses of humor, silliness, intelligence, social and environmental consciousness, and responsibility. What more could you ask for? Why did I find Whitby so late in my Cornell time?

*Pretty much covered AXE, snake, and squirt gun (see classes for squirt gun ness)

*Not talking about work, because as we can see, I'm procrastinating.

*Peace Corps application going really well--I only need to write my two essays for this part. For those of you who are interested, the application process goes like this:

1. Do the application
1a. They look at the application and decide if they even want to bother with the
2. Interview--I go to talk to my campus Peace Corps recruiter who asks me questions about my motivation, any iffy parts of my application, and answers all my questions about applying (the main one of which right now is "what kinds of volunteers leave at what times of the year for where?")
2a. If they like my interview, then they send me a huge packet of medical stuff to fill out and I
3. Make a big long series of appointments with Gannett to get every i dotted and every t crossed, because most people have a lot of delay (either 75% of applicants or 75% of delays) because their doctor forgot to fill in EVERY QUESTION. I'm hoping Gannett is good at this because they do it rather often.
4. I send the medical stuff in, and a letter saying I've discussed my service with my Significant Other (yes, they do make you do this) and in a few weeks (or months)
5. They send me three possible assignments
6. I pick my assignment of preference
7. They (after another month or so...I think...though I'm applying so early that this might stretch out a little) send me my assignment country and stuff, and I start to shop for supplies and prepare myself mentally for going into the Peace Corps.
8. I go.
9. I come back.

Thanks to my recommenders for doing those letters!!!!!

*in other news, I'm trying to publish my comic on the web somehow, since the Cornell Daily Sun's taste in comics really sucks and refused it.

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