Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's too early to say that it's over

Since finishing my Peace Corps application ("finishing" meaning I'm now in the wait-for-them-to-contact-me-for-an-interview phase) I have discovered that I'm in another one of those "I cannot wait to get out of here" phases. You know you're desperate when you think "Well, when this semester is over, I will only have a year more, and that is not all that long at all!!!" I mean, true, it's not.

But still.

This week has really shown me what this semester will be like--Stressful.

If anyone has any good ideas for a political article for me to write, please let me know. It's for The Centrist.

Not much is going on...Mathematica is really amazing, and really hard.

That is all.

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