Thursday, December 6, 2007

Impeaching Cheney...

Dennis Kucinich, that belovedly leftist and totally unelectable political maverick, has issued a call to the House of Representatives: Impeach Cheney! Pressure, of course, must come from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has allegedly said that she will do so only if she receives 10,000 handwritten letters. I can't find anything other than rumors online, but if you believe it matters greatly, then hey, it's worth a shot, and if you believe it doesn't matter in the least (based on your political stance, how long the bugger has left in office, etc), then why not do it and see if we can stir up some interesting, mudslinging partisan news? Poke it, see if it jumps. Why not?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi,
U.S. Congress/District Office,
450 Golden Gate Ave., 14th Floor -
San Francisco, CA 94102

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