Thursday, March 27, 2008

Med Clearance and Dentists

I found out a couple of good things yesterday; the first is that I didn't have to pay for dental x-rays, because the International College of Dentists provides free x-rays and exams for Peace Corps Volunteers. Make sure you check with the dentist's office, though, as the dentist I went to (I didn't stay for the entire appointment, because it was taking forever and I was not impressed by some other things) didn't know that he was providing free thus-and-sos. But anyway, I got a full refund, and they were very helpful.

The other thing is that it is possible to get provisional medical clearance without sending in the dental forms. What does that mean? Well, after you've gotten medical (and legal, and "place"--whatever that means) clearance, which is the most lengthy part of the application process, you go onto some sort of list. The list is available to countries that invite Peace Corps Volunteers to serve, and the person in charge of choosing people can then pick me off the list and send me an invitation. That is when I will find out where I will be going in sub-Saharan Africa, and it is also when I will find out a little bit more about what I'll be teaching, and in what language. It will also have an actual date for a projected leave-date, instead of just a month and year.

I'm not sure what "place" clearance is. But legal clearance has to do with that you're not a fugitive or an otherwise Wanted person (in the illegal-activities kind of way). I'm not very worried about that, because my only semi-non-approved actions include things like voting Left and jaywalking. Let's take a poll--which one is worse, from the perspective of our government?

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