Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Science, Pans, and Grammar

We interrupt this bulletin to bring you a special announcement.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA! WE (me, myself, and I, among others) LOVE YOU! Even though you look like an assassin in your swanky green sunglasses. What a wonderful friend you are--I'm glad you're in my life, and thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, not-a-wife, and hang on.

Whitby habits die hard. This makes me very, very sad, as you can see from the note. Someone messed up my Teflon pan. With only two weeks to go, I don't really want to buy another one. The roommate is, as usual, very cavalier about it not mattering and being convinced that I'm way too paranoid about cancer, but that's, well, usual.

I tried to make it in simple and obvious enough English and implication that our Turkish roommate will get the gist of it, since it could easily have been her who ruined it.
The science we're doing is pretty darn cool. Bees and fake flowers and why do they choose flowers the way they do, and how do they allot resources to foraging for maximum efficiency?

Today has been a bad day for data, though. We lost one trial to bad luck, and another trial to a couple of us not communicating well with one another and the Beekiller (our PI, Dr. Wells). So, for a three-run morning (which is slower than our best, but faster than our most recent few mornings), we got one run of data. Depressing. This is what the bees look like during trials:

That is all, for now. More context to follow. For now, disillusionment and general frustration. That pan is why you never share.

As for roommate doesn't have any. She ain't got none. Where's it at? Obsessed about. Had went to the store and should of got less apples. I feel bad for saying this, but two weeks and one day until the USA... not because I want to be back in America as much as I want to be back where I have people to talk with about things that matter in ways that don't make me feel like I am babysitting or make me want to cringe...

Me out.

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