Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter Travel Plans

Graduate: December 20
Leave Ithaca: December 21
Arrive Grand Junction: December 23 at 4pm

December 30:
Fly Grand Junction to JFK, NYC:
leave 9:49am, arrive 9:01pm

(Aaaaandrewwwww....or Kaaaaaaate)

December 31:
Fly NYC to LHR:
leave 10:25pm, arrive 1/1/09 10:25am

January 1:
Fly LHR to NBO:
leave 7:00pm, arrive 1/2 6:30am

January 17:
Fly NBO to LHR:
leave 11:59pm, arrive 1/18 6:45am

January 18:
Fly LHR to NYC:
leave 2:00pm, arrive 5:05pm

People to see: Evan, Kate, Andrew, Brian...if I forgot you, say so, quickly!

January 20:
Fly NYC to SFO
leave 2:55pm, arrive 6:25pm

People to see: Ari, family, Adam, Heidi &Co, Kiler Canyon contingent, THS contingent, Linnaea, Chelsea

By January 28:
Return to Grand Junction, there to take the General GRE

February 10:
Fly to Philly for Staging.

February 12:
Fly to Madagascar for 2 years.

Sometimes I think I may not be able to deal with this...I think it will improve when I finally have the last ticket for Kenya.

* PS Kenya Airways, why will you not accept any credit card known to man?


Laura and Mark said...

FYI- Kenya Airways accepts all credit cards ecept AMEX.

Katherine Crocker said...

I know they do theoretically, but I tried with four different Visa cards (mine, with puny credit limits, but also my father's, which have giant credit lines), plus a MasterCard, and the website accepted none of them. How frustrating!

Eventually, I ended up paying the extra $30 to book the same flight through another vendor.