Monday, October 13, 2008

Calling all interested teachers...

I just filled out a "press release" for the Peace Corps. So, for those of you in Mesa County and SLO County, keep an eye out in the Sentinel, the Free Press, and the Telegram-Tribune. I myself will watch the Cornell newspapers, and we'll see if I actually get my 15 minutes.

In other news, there's this cool thing the Peace Corps does, called the "Correspondence Match Program" through the Coverdell World Wise Schools program. What it is, is a PCV being in touch with a classroom teacher whose class(es) correspond with you--so, penpals. I'm kind of interested in corresponding with people who've been my teachers, so if any of you are reading this (very slim chance), please get in touch with me. Anyone else reading this who teaches anything at all, although it might need to be official somehow...I'd love to correspond with you.

Ideally, you could keep my letters and let me have copies when I get back, in case I write a book or something neat like that.

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