Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Case for Madagascar, and my Fall Break

I got my "Your Application Status has been Updated" e-mail from the Peace Corps today. Checked the site, and it told me "Congratulations! You've been invited!"

Woohoo!!!! I've managed to avoid the budget-cut-induced hypercomptetive everyone-gets-deferred-for-twelve-lifetimes scenario. Knowing that I'm *that* competitive is kind of a nice feeling, as all of my "file strengthening" hasn't actually hit the office yet. Booyah. Also, though, eek, because people must really have no ag experience if I'm the best they've got. But that's okay. I can do it...yes, a little whistling in the dark, but brazen commitment and determination are kind of what it takes. Or so I hear.

So. I'm Agroforestry, Africa, Francophone, leaving the second week of February. Peace Corps wiki (where many invitees for the year so far post their invitation programs, countries, and leave dates) tells us that the only two Agroforestry (Agf) programs leaving in February to Francophone African Countries (FACs) are Morocco and Madagascar. It also tells us that Madagascar is the one that leaves early in the month. In fact, Madagascar is the only anything for FAC leaving the second week of February.

But, because it would break my heart to be set on it and then not get it, I'm trying hard to be skeptical. Things that are too good to be true are usually just that. But, we can all hope.

Hear me? I said we can all hope. Right, guys? Hem. That's what I thought.

Okay, moving on.

Fall Break is going to be a busy one. I must:
* Build a top-bar beehive (this includes buying the lumber)
* Write an outline of a big paper
* Rewrite 2 weeks of Inorganic Chemistry notes
* Study for prelim in same
* Learn the subjunctive tense in French
* Buy tickets to Kenya
* Spend time with friends from out of town
* Do my bootcamp homework
* Work a day at the library
* Spend time with other friends
* Sort through my stuff in Ithaca and start getting rid of a bunch of it in preparation for moving...
* Find out REI's Return Policy on very used stuff.
* Research packing lists and start compiling them for PC
* Research and write the intro for one of the summer papers (yes, I was supposed to have done this already, but anyone who is connected with my life at all will understand why I haven't done it yet...and it doesn't have to do with being a Bad Scientist, either, so hush.)

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