Saturday, October 4, 2008

Niner niner

Niner niner this is Peace Corps Placement Officer 9 requesting contact with Kay-See-Squared over.

Roger PCPO 9, KC^2 not accessible, please leave a message after the beep over.

Answering Machine 228, Request KC^2 contact HQ ASAP regarding our questions over.

PCPO9, request specifics as to questions over.

Negative AM228, PCPO over and out.

AM228 over and out.


Niner niner this is Answering Machine 228 for Kay-See-Squared over.

Roger AM228 KC^2 here over.

KC^2 PCPO9 requested contact Thursday 1400 hours over.

AM228 why we were not informed before Saturday morning query bang over.

KC^2 PCPO9 requested contact ASAP over.

Roger AM228 why query over.

No idea KC^2 could be nomination change, invitation, rejection, second interview et cetera over.

Copy that AM228 it could also be checking if this phone number still works over.

Duly noted AM228 over and out.

KC^2 over and out.

(Waiting for Monday morning....harder to be patient in short scale, though I've been waiting for over a year already)

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