Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tenner Tenner (but it just doesn't have the same ring, so to speak)

I got in touch (not by phone, but by e-mail) with my PO, who told me that the reason she was contacting me was in order to ask me if I'd be interested in changing my nomination to an Agroforestry program in a Francophone country (pretty sure it's in Africa, but it may not be). So, no science teaching. Not much French, either, given that I'd be using a local language for most of my work. Especially given that my work will be in community development, not official-language state-institution teaching.

Part of that is great, because it would mean that the cultural imperialist dilemma retreats about 3/4 of the way. Part of it is not great because it's much more intimidated to go with absolutely no idea what I'll be doing, vs. "I'll be...teaching science...".

I used to have a dilemma also about "But I have a degree in science, and no degree in Agroforestry whatsoever". But, I think generally people who apply for the Peace Corps are more likely to have an academic background than an agrarian one. So it becomes less of an "I'm betraying my obligation and just switching for fun!" than an "I have two skillsets. Now I'll be using the other one".

Plus, the more I hear about Uganda, the more it seems to be sorta dangerous. Everyone over 30 who I tell flinches and says "ooh...well, but...okay, but you're going to have to be really careful."

I think I am going to switch, but I don't have to say for sure until tomorrow. The added perk--the only two francophone African countries that I know of leaving in February (because this Agroforestry program also leaves in February) are to Morocco and Madagascar.

Well, I can dream, can't I? I'll post more when I've got more information.

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