Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dirty Jokes I Can't Make

Being a Chemistry student can be hazardous to maintaining normal levels of immaturity. Consider that I (and everyone else in my class) have been able to say the following words with a completely straight face for over two years. Bear in mind that we can have spirited discussions about this without even realizing why the English majors over in the corner are laughing at us:

Penetration (and similar parentage words--penetrative, penetratory--sometimes a word--penetrator, etc)

Degenerate (also, degeneracy, degeneration, etc)

Excited State (also, excitation, "gets it excited", etc)

And the one that is shared among-ologies, -ics, and -istries:


Next time I don't giggle when hearing these words, that's why. I've been too busy determining the degeneracy of the penetrated orbitals, and figuring out whether getting a molecule into its excited state will lead to any cleavage

[EDIT next day: More words I can say without giggling: vibration coupling, vibronic, coupling...etc)

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