Friday, November 7, 2008

My < noun > is Problematic

We love River, of course.

I have problems in my life--for all of you smart-alecs out there, that is sizeably different than "issues," fullstop. Problems like "I have a social life and my grades are taking a big hit," or "My cook-group meets at an awkward time and nobody will switch with me, despite several people being *able* to...".

But there are also more confusing ones, which, just to be meta-discursive, I'm going to post. The first problem is the universiality of the Interblaggernettort00bz. Anyone who knows my name can find me here, because if you google me (we have no proper verbs in this language), I am the first hit. Much to the chagrin, I imagine, of Katherine H. Crocker, the Novato Lawyer, who weighs in second. It's just her findlaw site, so I don't imagine it's causing her too much grief. But anyway, anyone can find me. Therefore, anyone can read me. Which means that as a venting tool, this blog has lost its efficacy.

I'm in favor of freedom of information, always. And I fully acknowledge that my decision to pour my thoughts and things into the Internet is pretty much putting them up for grabs to the entire technological multiverse. Where this becomes problematic is in, say, posting my Madagascar mailing address on here. A concern I've heard the Peace Corps has is that then terrorists could find me. A concern I have is that I don't want everyone and their brother sending me stuff. I want letters. I want letters and letters and letters, but I don't want stuff, and for two main reasons.

The first:

Many people I've known in the past give gifts with lots of emotional strings attached. Sometimes, even though they're not even intended that way, because of my past with the person, they can't be taken as otherwise. Sometimes any interaction at all is just not possible, no matter the level of respect or well-wishing on either side.


I just can't afford to receive packages, as they charge you a sizable tax on anything you receive. Which means I only want the stuff I need.

I was going somewhere with this, but I've forgotten where and why.

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Eileen said...

FYI your mailing address in PC will probably not be where you live, but rather in your banking town or at least another building nearby, and you will have to travel to pick up your mail. Houses don't really have addresses... my address during training was "house across from the post office" and then the town. But the actual mailing address was an hour away, in Tana.