Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peace Corps Madagascar February 2009

There. That post title should be easy to find.

The purpose of this post is to grab attention, a little bit, because it's a generally-launched "HELLO!" to all the members of my stage (and all the other PCT/Vs who are floating around out there in Internetland...


Too, I looked at how many hits the blog is getting, and how many of them are from people presumably interested in Peace Corps stuff...and decided I'd better post something related to PC, even if it's just a filler entry.

Please, anyone in my stage or PCMad, leave comments!

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Clayton P. Carroll, II said...

Hi!! My name's Clayton--feel free to call me Clay, I'll answer to both! I'm not with your staging group but I am going to Madagascar as PCV, June 15th 2009 as a TEFL. This is my official hello!