Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kenya pictures V

Local couple out for an evening stroll.
I'm not sure what that blue spot is for. Probably telling me to buy lens cleaner...
Pretty male Impala, protecting his harem.
Me, and a beautiful sky.

Kenya pictures IV

Blurry Syncerus caffer. Stupid backlighting.
African Fish Eagle. Very good picture if you zoom in 12x...
Acacia. Did three projects on these. They
Where the two rivers meet.
Equus grevyi.

Kenya pictures III

Still more unedited pictures. Maybe I should call this "Kenya--the RAW edition"...maybe not.
Equus burchelli posing.

Pretty lucky shot of a heron taking off

Very fuzzy shot of hippos fighting.

Impala, or superman? You decide.
Vervet monkey, being careful.

Kenya pictures II

More unedited photos.
Honey thief. Those logs hanging around him are beehives, and he's up there cutting out honey from hives that are not his own (according to Wilson, one of our guides). There's a hefty fine for that, but we didn't see them get caught. Note the lack of a bee suit or western smoker...
Bee tree at the water hole from afar.

Periscope of the black cotton soil escarpment.
Blurry hornbill.

Kenya pictures I

These haven't been messed with in terms of contrast and stuff yet, so be patient with the awkward zooms (etc)...

Joking--the first one's me in Burkina Faso last August.
Can you find the Klipspringer? (Hint: see that rock in the middle of the picture? See that little white speck on the rock?


Wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) playing--picture's kinda fuzzy, but so are they.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm safe

I made it back and am staying with an awesome friend from college. Leaving the City (yes, I call it that now) on the afternoon of 1/20, and will be on the Central Coast by the evening of the 22.

Email me if you want to hang out.