Friday, February 13, 2009

Donate to Max! (Official Furium Endorsement)

Things in Mada aren't looking so great, but we take this time out of our busy schedule to put in an official Furium endorsement for a friend. Here's what my awesome friend Max is going to do:

"I have decided to bike across the country this summer after graduating with a program known as Bike and Build! On June 3rd, I will leave from Providence, Rhode Island for San Francisco, California, on a trip devoted to raising money and awareness for the affordable housing cause. Over the past decades a lot has been learned about how to build effective, safe and affordable housing, a key component to creating desirable cities and communities across the nation. This trip will undoubtedly require a huge investment from me of both my time and energy, and so my goal of spreading awareness and support begins with this letter [note, this is from a letter he sent me].

"I will be embarking on this trip with 30 other riders. Overall, Bike and Build will be organizing 8 routes this year, sending a total of 240 riders across the country over the summer. I first learned about this organization from 2 close friends at Cornell, and I will be working with them as we will all be riding together from Providence and the Atlantic to San Francisco and the Pacific. While on the road we will be keeping our costs at a minimum by staying in homes, churches, community centers and schools along the route, eating group meals cooked with our generous hosts. We will also meet with community members and give presentations on the affordable housing issue each night. Finally, in addition to riding, there are 7 days dedicated to actually working on and helping construct affordable homes with local chapters of Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity. On these days, we will trade our bikes for hammers and tools and set to work ourselves, spending a full week over the course of the trip getting to work on actual projects.

"As part of my commitment to Bike and Build, I will be spending time volunteering with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, which is planning a new project here in Tompkins County. I will also ride over 500+ miles to train and be preparing a presentation on important aspects of the affordable housing issue. Additionally, I will be raising at least $4,000 for the cause on top of my own donation.

"The proceeds from the trip will be used to fund affordable housing projects across the country, and will be split up in several ways. Some of the money will be contributed to en-route affordable housing organizations, another portion will go to groups through pre-arranged contributions of $10,000-$60,000, and finally $1,000-$10,000 will be awarded through a grant process on which the riders of our trip will decide. Some money will also inevitably go to supporting the trip. However, my family and I will be contributing our own generous donation so that the money donated to me by others will go to affordable housing projects! I am also looking for a local business that might be willing to make a matching donation pledge to help me raise even more!"

Max is not the kind of person who flakes out on commitments, and he is an incredibly generous human being. In short, he's not the kind of person who will just take your money and then decide not to bike across the country. If you're feeling like you'd like to donate money to help him do this, you can follow this link, and select his name as the one to whom you'd like to donate!

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