Monday, February 2, 2009

Madagascar Approaches (we hope)

In spite of the political rough-housing over there on the big red island (if you're unaware of the situation, go google using "news: madagascar"), I've decided it's finally time to really start the packing list. By Wednesday, I should know whether or not I'm leaving when I've been planning to leave...

If you'd rather not read the packing list, this is your chance to stop.

All of this has to fit into two checked bags (one backpack and a daypack--up to 80 lbs combined), and two carryons (mandolin case, and a messenger bag to carry all "tech" stuff, a toothbrush, and a set of extra clothes).

x Chaco sandals
w Hiking boots
x 6 pairs good socks
x dressy shoes
x 2 pairs convertible field pants
1 pair jeans
1 pair fleece pants
1 field shirts
x 3 t-shirts
3 t-shirts with sleeves cut off
2 tank tops
1 hooded sweatshirt
w 1 Tilley Hat
3 bandanas
4 sports bras
18 pairs underwear
1 pagne complet
x 2 "business casual" shirts
x 2 ankle-length skirts

x Sunlinq 25W (12V) folding solar panel
x Tekkeon MyPowerAll
x Solar battery charger
x Eneloop batteries (AA and AAA)
x Petzl headlamp
x Apple PowerBook G4 laptop, + cord + battery
x 2 mini maglights + replacement bulbs
x 1 travel alarm clock + replacement battery
x 1 Canon S5-IS digital camera with around 7 GB of memory in SD cards
x 1 mini tripod for said camera
x 1 Timex lizards watch + extra battery

x 2 drybags
x 3 Otterbox cases
x 1 pair Nikon Monarch 8x42 binoculars
x 1 Leatherman Juice
x 1 paring knife (homemade)
x 1 snubnose knife (homemade)
1 whetstone
w 7 feet 700-lb string
2 40oz Klean Kanteens
x 1 2.0L Platypus bottle w/extra caps
x 36 water purification tabs (emergency)
x Backpacker firestarter thingwop
x 1 padlock
x 4 TSA locks
x 3-season sleeping bag
x 1 towel
x 1 umbrella
x 1 journal
4 pens
x 1 deck playing cards
1 tweezers
1 small crochet hook
~100 small rubber bands
1 or 2 dedcm
x 1 slackline
x some dread shampoo and lock peppa (
x mandolin, pitch pipe, picks, and strings
x divacup and spare
soap dish
spare soap from my mom

x English-Malagasy Phrasebook
x Southern hemisphere star chart
x Star guide pamphletty thingwop
x Chayanov's Theory of Peasant Economy
x Isle of Fire
x Another Book The Name of Which I Have Forgotten
x Natural History of Madagascar
x Mammals of Madagascar
x Madagascar Wildlife
x Birds of the Indian Ocean
x Political Ponerology
x The Elegant Universe
x Malagasy notebook
x moleskine book-in-which-to-write-lists
presents for my host family (dollar store stuff)
pictures of friends and family
little jars for soil, which will probably contain seeds/spices/herbs on the way over there

spices (especially Italian spice mix)
duct tape
sewing kit
clif bars/candy/comfort snacks

Items in bold still need purchasing.

EDIT (2.3.09) It's looking like I'll have enough space for everything, even including the far, so good. Of course, I have a month to practice packing, now...
EDIT (2.11.09) Things still seem to fit, but it's looking iffy on the carryon policies. Grr.
EDIT (2.28.09) Going to take my chances on the mandolin, hoping that (a) having a US government passport (b) many African airlines don't weigh or molest carryons and (c) I can bribe someone if I have to. Also hoping that worst-case scenario is that I have to check the mandolin planeside.


Kevin said...

Would you like us to send anything in particular? After you get there, of course =]

Katherine Crocker said...

From many of you, I'd like a visit. And letters full of support, news, and affection. Lots of letters.

KDB, TR, PJC, CWW, CW, AAC, HBC, and EKJ, you'd better visit me. Many others are welcome, of course, but you seven have no excuses.