Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something I made

Hatband made of goat leather (dyed black) 3/32" wide, glossy/matte sides in a 9-strand braid using a woggle, a 4-strand roundbraid and a monkey fist to facilitate buckling. Parts of the braid look handmade, but I think not painfully so. Feedback? Requests?

My hat, modeling the hatband.

The buckle of the hatband--loop and monkey fist.

Me, modeling the hatband (so you can see the scale).

Hatband buckled, with a guest appearance by the knife-that-actually-works in the background. Yes, it's snub-nosed, but that's what happens when you use half a B-negative NewHolland Combine tooth.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool. how long did it take you to do all the braiding?

Katherine Crocker said...

Around 3 or 3.5 hours, although I had to take out a total of about 10 inches of braid to rework mistakes. Planning it took a while, too...I bet I could make its twin in around 2 hours.

Boydo said...

I approve.

Jen said...

I am impressed :) It looks beautiful.