Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This took well over 24 hours

The finished box. From here, you can't see the glue leaks or the dovetailing, but the wood is gorgeous.

Bottom of the box. Had to file the screws differentially in order to get it to not "walk" a ton. It still walks, but not far.
Dovetails and glue leaks. And beautiful wood.

Finished box from the other side.

Start with a log
Maul it with a battery-powered chainsaw
Run it through a table saw to get thin boards
Make the dang things relatively square to themselves
Sand the boards up to 220
Cut the tails and pins
Sand up to 600
Assemble and glue, judiciously use bricks and 2"x4"s
Drill, glue, and screw the bottom to the box
File the screwheads
Sand off glue smudges
Apply flaxseed oil
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Jen said...

Very cool! It looks nice :)