Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rants and Raves

It bothers me when...

...people claim creds or merits they don't have and when people deride themselves thinking to somehow defend against potetially painful judgments or truths.
...people put others down to build themselves up and even more when they pretend explicitly or implicitly that isn't their intention.
...people misuse words, like breaking beautiful tools or art or something. It offends me deeply, in a painful way.
...people are dogmatically selfish.
...they will not engage in dialogue.
...they do not think about precedent or general application or implications.
...they are ideologically inconsistent.
...they perpetuate hatred and unacceptance (forget tolerance--it's just a nice word for ___ism).
...they whine all the time.
...self-anointed liberals/openminded/educated/unprejudiced people are usually exactly the opposite, and they are usually also self-righteous and patronizing.
...everyone holds their emotions so close to their chests--how will it hurt you to tell you that you love me? How can it hurt me to tell you I admire you? And then everyone wonders why nobody expresses anything. And then I get grief for being direct about emotions.
...your friends lie to you and beat up on you and occasionally completely betray you.
...people act like being well-rounded is some sort of social disease ("I don't read fiction.." "I don't 'do' science/math.")

And here are some things I love about the world:

~There are people who can look inside you and tell you who and how you are. They can do this and love you anyway, and that allows access to a higher level of genuinity.
~Music brings people together in beautiful ways, both because it is often about what it is to be and often also to express love.
~Love exists and sometimes people are not afraid to express it.
~Words are so powerful that they frequently leave me speechless.
~If you wait long enough then things will turn out okay.
~The rain, and having a picnic in it with thunder and everything.
~Lots and lots of people really, really care, even if you can't tell.
~Strangers are kind, and people will smile at you if you smile at them.
~A lot of the time, people are worthwhile and have interesting thoughts about things, you just have to give them the chance to show you.
~People forgive each other, love each other, and trust one another.
~Empiricism is enchantingly beautiful.
~My brain and what it can do.
~Senegal has been stable for 48 years.
~Making friends is not as hard as I thought.
~Sometimes you meet people who are consistent and when you do it is breathtakingly amazing.
~The outdoors is a beautiful place with so many exquisite, fundamentally inexplicable, and unique things to discover.

Anyone want to add anything to either list, go for it.

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Sarah Cohn said...

Way to take my "About Me" in my Facebook profile and make it approximately90834058909843 times more profound :-P