Sunday, August 16, 2009

Training Center pictures

First, because I am secretly a Biology nerd, we have a picture of the really awesome (and prolific) caterpillars that are all over. Two days ago, Matt and I raced a couple of them, and his won. If you blow on them, they will stretch out and be very still for a few seconds before continuing with whatever they were doing.

Next, a showing-off-what-my-camera-can-do-in-spite-of-me picture of a beautiful moth. Its body has been eaten by ants (it's dead, by the way), but its wings are gorgeous. Those silver spots are actually transparent if you hold them up to the light.

People hanging out in the front of the compound just after the arrival of the 5 displaced Mauritania PCVs who are now part of our stage.

Our room. Danielle's bed is to the immediate left, Ashely's to the immediate right (behind the door), Emilie's to the back right, and mine to the back left. These are really, really nice rooms, by the way.

The well that we all thought was really deep until the Senegalese people showing it to us told us it was not only way deeper than we could tell, but also the water was unusually high in it. 30 feet down is high. I pulled water, though, without a pulley, and it didn't seem too bad. Of course, I was pulling just one bucket, without having done any other physical labor that day.

More hanging out. Something was, apparently, really funny.

The Disco Hut. Not sure why it's called that, but it is where we have all our stage-wide meetings and where a lot of people hang out. The post thing hovering in the left frame of the picture is one end of the volleyball net, and the building behind it is the Med Hut to the left and Demba's office to the right. Behind you and to the left is where people were hanging out and laughing, directly to your left is the building with the Refectoire (breakfast and dinner) and the Foyer (general hangout zone, and where the letters you're all sending me will be delivered).

Which reminds me. Everyone wanting to send me stuff and complaining that you don't have the address, if you are on the mailing list, you do. It is in "Peace Corps Update #5" at the bottom. Everyone not on the email list, email me at my first name dot my last name at gmail dot you-know-what. (There. Hope that keeps the bots out.)

And anyone to whom I've related a story about Senegal, if you wanted to be really awesome and post a non-typoed, slightly more literate version than the one I probably gave you directly, I'd appreciate it. Just post it as a comment or something.

Tomorrow evening we leave for Village for a week or so, and I will try to update with a general explanation of what and why, as well as a description of what language I will be learning and what that means, before then. But I might not. At the very latest, look for another post in a little over a week telling all about (a) Village (b) my host family there (c) my language and (d) how I'm doing. Currently, I'm great if a little overwhelmed. Why great? Training center, staff, and my stage are all awesome, plus I used my bugtent and actually slept last night. Overwhelmed? Tomorrow we start host families, and I was way overwhelmed last time I tried that in West Africa (my goodness, doesn't it just sound like I'm such the world traveler).

'Til later, everyone.


canyon wren said...

ok you guys that got to hear senegal stories first hand, i'm ready to hear them repeated. ;-)

Sarah Cohn said...

Yay pictures! Wow, the training center looks SO nice. Best of luck with "Village"...can't wait to hear about it!