Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are sending...

This post is the place to comment with things like, "Do not send her a hammock--I am sending one!" I won't come scroll through the comments, promise. Also, with respect to the gloves, if anyone finds a longer pair, that'd be awesome, because then I could maybe do some Anacardia sp. work.

Oh, and if you want to comment with other things that you are sending, that's fine. Prevent my getting sixteen packages full to the brim with raisins...


Wendy said...

Found the blog as I'm a PC applicant; saw the wish list and figure "I'll be in that same spot next year, let's help!"

So.. from a completely random PC applicant (unless anyone who is related to the blogger objects), I'll be sending the following seeds:

swiss chard, peas, thyme, kale

I also have sweet basil and rosemary, but those weren't on the list and you all know the blogger. If it's good to send these extras, please note.

Happy Journeys to all!

canyon wren said...

hi wendy,
if you have non gmo basil and rosemary seeds, i say send them on...

i happen to know she likes them. i had intended to send basil seeds, but there is plenty for me to send.....

also, there is just no telling what the challenges will be in the garden, and a person could easily lose a planting or two....
thelist of what seeds i am sending is in the next comment.

canyon wren said...

seeds i have:
8 varieties of heirloom tomato, tending to bicolors and blacks
big max and new england pie pumpkins,
squash: banana, butter cup, butternut, zuchini
melons: honeydew, watermelon, 2 varieties canteloupe
beans: scarlet runner, yard long, pinto, black turtle, small red, small white, (will also be looking for anasazi)
okra, nasturtium, lemon cucumber, tomatillo, radish, sweet baby bell peppers
sesame seed, all red leaf amaranth.
and 2 varieties of large thick shelled gourds.

i'm also planning to send dried figs, both turkish and mission.

i don't think there will be a problem with having duplicate packages of seeds, so if you have some of the same, i would send them.

in my experience, when a new piece of ground is first gardened, there is a lot of loss of seedlings.... discouraging to say the least, but so much worse if those were your only seeds! and there is such a difference between habits of various varieties of the same vegetable, one variety might do well, another be susceptible to every soil virus and hungry insect. i think the important thing is to make sure that among the seeds we send, are all the things katherine requested.

Boydo said...

I am sending gummy bears and other Haribo candy, flax seeds, bitersweet chocolate, nutritional yeast, dried cranberries, dried cherries, almonds, and some other non-food things for Katherine's birthday. Sssh!

canyon wren said...

i sent the muriel barbery book. planning another package.

if i send it now, it might get there for christmas (ha ha).

i don't know yet what i'll be sending.

Sophia said...

Sent off a package to Katherine with many dried soups, dried refried beans (yes, they sell those at my local co-op!)and corn nuts. Also, a fabulous book: Gary Schmidt's "The Wednesday Wars".

Yay for good reading and comfort foods!