Saturday, December 19, 2009

Truncated post WITH VIDEOS

Well, folks, it's been an eventful few weeks. Today while shoveling a shoulder-jarring mix of gravel-plus-everything-up-to-head-sized rocks, I had my first, "Gosh, the time has flown" moment. Slightly over two months at site; if my time in Koboye were a day, I'd have been there for two hours already. Yow. I know everyone says, "Don't count the weeks or days," and I understand why. But it's fun to do once in a while, just to see how things are going.

Thanksgiving was nice. Austin and a bunch of the other people from Tamba, the region north of us, came down and made a Turducken and we made and ate a lot of food. Like, a LOT of food. I spent the Wednesday before cooking various sets of vegetables in a giant (15-20L) 3-legged pot over a charcoal fire. My sleeping bag, which my dad mailed in early September, got here in the Peace Corps car that came down for the occasion.

Speaking of packages, my gosh, people. You have gone so far above and beyond what I even hoped to get in terms of packages and letters that I really don't know how to thank you at all, let alone enough. Dad and Kate, you've been wonderful at keeping the packages coming--the food, gloves, earplugs, pens...amazing. Mom, the seeds! The seeds, and the food, and the books...words fail me. Kevin (and Whitby), the baking chocolate and stuff from the bulk section of Wegman's got me through more than you might think. Especially the brewer's yeast. Steve and Teresa sent me a wonderful surprise package with a book and some cinnamon (!!!!! How did you know I was running low?), a wealth of drink mixes and ziploc bags and--Allah jaraama--some grooming tools. Could any of these people be more wonderful? I think not. Then there's everyone who has sent me a package that hasn't gotten here yet--Kevin, my parents, Andres, Ari, Liz, and then whoever has kept it a secret--thank you in advance. And THEN there's the people who write me letters! Mom, Dad, Jen, Ari, Maddy, Marian, Carol, Erika, Kevin, Steve, Linjie, Pat...thank you all so much! I keep my letters at site, and on hard days there are few things more comforting than reading a few. And really, I am replying to whomever writes me, except Dad and Mom, because they write so often. Sorry, guys. But I will get better at it, I promise.

This was going to be longer, but I'm exhausted. Still, you haven't got too much to complain about, because here are two little video clips of my compound. In a couple days I'll post a few more, since each of these took over an hour to post...

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C.W. said...

yay videos :)

And I got your letter!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU :) I miss and love you.